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gas tank and transmission questions

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dropped my transmission a while ago and that piece hooked up on the black hose came out with a red spindle on it,

when i pulled the spindle out fluid came out of the line, how do i fill that line back up?

I'm thinking it won't do it itself



also i found this t valve that is right beside my gastank,

there are 2 hoses instead of 3 hooked up, i don't think that is proper? where is the other part of the hose supposed to be?

there is a "breather hose" hanging by it, but it doesnt reach to it,


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That black hose isn't a hose... it's your speedometer cable. No fluid in it. When you drop your transmission, it's much easier just to unscrew the cable from the sender instead of removing it.



Generally that T fitting it up on top of the tank, with a hose going to each of the two breathers on top of the tank.

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so the red spindle on it reads how fast its going?if yes, do i need to put in back in a specific way?

Yes. There's an index mark on it, and the way the index mark gets lined up is depending on how many teeth are on the plastic speedo drive gear.

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