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Another seat question

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Hi All,

I spent about 2 hours trying to find the post in the forum and just could not come up with an answer.

I have a 87 MJ and just found some seats from a 97 Cherokee.


My truck had the beach seat in it and a slider swap looks like it would not work (i.e. two rail sliders per bucket seat).


What is a fella to do?


Any help or suggestions?


Thanks in advance,


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I swapped '97 seats in recently. I had to cut and reweld the outboard rear mounts, also cut and angled the inside rear mounts. Then I cut off the downward tab on the front ones and used some square stock to make front pedestals. I mounted the front pedestals right behind the floor crossmember. Depending on how tall you are will depend on where you need to locate. If I get the chance sometime soon, I'll snag some pics.



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