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Mj broke down on me:(


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Last night while i was on break from class I drove over to Quick trip, and that was i as far as i made it, Died on me in the parking lot, started checking things out, had fuel, all my grounds were good causes everything turned on, but no spark to the engine. so i said screw cause i was already late getting back to class and it was raining, dark and cold and i didn't want to mess with it, so i had it towed, (AAA so it was free :banana: ) got up this morning started no problem, So i called Carquest and they had CPS so i went and got it, and replaced this morning, drove it back to home home this afternoon (1 1/2 hr drive) no problem, and actually runs a little better. So I'm hoping that was the problem, it has died on me before at random times but had always started right back up.

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