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Water in oil ???

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My son has a 99 Grand Cherokee with a 4.0 that has a water in oil issue. We bought a used motor for it about a month ago out of a wrecked Jeep Wrangler. Although tha front of that Jeep was totaled, I didnt think the motor would have been damaged. We did hear it run for a short time before in was removed. Since being installed it has never overheated.

With that said, we went ahead and replaced tha head gasket but its still gittin water in tha oil. While the head was off I inspected it as best I could but didnt see any obvious cracks or problem areas.

Other than the obvious of pulling tha head again and this time gittin it checked at a machine shop, is there any other way water can git in the oil? Yes, we put sealer on #11 head bolt. Surely tha wreck couldnt have damaged tha block? Admittingly tha doner Jeep took a hard enough frontal hit to have cracked the harmonic balancer and cracked one of the motor mount bolt castings that stick off tha side of tha block on the driver side. (In the doner Jeep that hole was used but in this Grand Cherokee its not)

Any ideas???


Thanks in advance.


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On my 4.0l 1989, I got oil in cooling fluid.


I have gone to NAPA store, they advised me to buy a can of IRONITE to seal the cooling system.


Having nothing to loose, I just did that a couple days ago, seem to work great.


Maybe you can ask your local part store for advise.

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