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letter about moab


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Thanks for your message in opposition to the Red Rock Wilderness Act. I appreciate hearing from you.




I think we can agree that Utah's red rock country is one of the most unique and spectacular landscapes in the United States. I believe this incredible wild place deserves permanent protection to ensure that future generations of Americans can experience red rock country in its undeveloped state.




Despite overwhelming public support and nearly 150 congressional cosponsors to the bill, the Red Rock Wilderness Act has never been considered for a vote in the House of Representatives. Given opposition from Utah's congressional delegation, I do not anticipate a vote anytime in the near future.




Again, thanks for your comments. Please keep in touch.









Rep. Peter DeFazio

Fourth District, OREGON




just recieved

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Dunno about the rest of you, but I think Congresscritters from Oregon should keep their noses out of Utah's affairs. Who the [bleep] cares if a Congresscritter from Oregon thinks part of Utah should be preserved as wilderness? It ain't "wilderness" now, and naming it that tomorrow won't make it "wilderness."


We're right back the the tactics of the Clinton administration, when they were having the Forest Service create so-called "wilderness" areas by erasing existing roads from maps and pretending they didn't exist.

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