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Anyone from or near Olean NY


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Yea, I'm about an hour and a half north of Olean :brows:


I might be heading to Great Valley this weekend for a half way pass on a lwb gas tank for some one else on here ;)


I just go over one big hill and I'm in Olean :D


Unless Cherokee jumps in here.......he's even closer that I am.


That not too bad of a price on that van, for the condition. But.......it's a Dodge, and it has rust :(


I turned down a guy couple months ago in town that offered me his '94 Dodge van, with out all the side glass for $500 with rusty rockers and side doors rotted out. Dodge don't have the suspension that the other 2 have, there great engines, but soft suspension, and thin sheet metal.

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I talked to him today and he said without me even trying to give him $400.00 and get it out of his driveway. I am just really concerned about trying to drive it 3 hours home. The one person I know with a trailer said no its to big for him to haul. Not sure how the frames hold up on these things. A little rust I can handle just need it for hauling junk for my bussiness. Around here that would be $2000.00 on a lot or more. I am leaning towards no bothering with it :dunno:

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I came across the guy's C-list add for this van -




Did he also tell you it has a bad exhaust system on it????


Well........I'm heading that way either Sunday or next Tuesday, right in Olean, so let me know if you want me to check it out and give my "opinion" on it........... :roll:


As far as I know, the frames hold up on the Dodge, they still use a C-channel frame, like the Fords.


I guest from what you said, it's not bad for the price, with some room in there to make some needed repairs.


That should fit on a U-haul car dolly, I know I've hauled a full size van on one before, you just need a big enough truck to pull it with. Plus with it being empty, you should have no problem "towing" it that way.

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Yea, PM me your number, and I'll give you mine.


Like I said, I don't know if it will be Sunday or Tuesday before I can get that way, and I'll call the guy from his add number to set it up to look at the van.


If you need, I'll snap some pictures of the van, unless the guy sent you some more :dunno:

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Yea, but I didn't hear from you yet :dunno:


Looks like I'm heading that way Sunday morning, like around 9am.


I'll PM you my # and call be by tonight, so I can call the seller and set up a looky.


Cherokee has his own PM :brows:

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