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Help - Comanches in the UK?


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Hi All,


I had to relocate to London for work and was curious a.) if there were any Brits in the group and b.) if you can, in fact, buy a jeep truck (comanche, j10, etc.) in the UK. I would love to have a toy while over here (and where I might start looking).


Thanks so much!

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I just looked at craigslist for london, searched jeeps, and came up with a ZJ, and a rubicon.... THATS IT! You'd think there would be more in a city of that size, but all we can tell you is to search for local clubs and organizations, or try a 4x4 shop and ask around and go from there. Good Luck, let us know what you find out!

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I'm not 100% shure, but i think the MJ was never offered in the UK. If you want one you will most likely have to look towards mainland europe or scandinavia, best chance to find one would be sweden or germany. Its not as far as you might think. In addition to the obvius tunnel theres also ferry routes to both norway and denmark.


Some few search-sites (the only ones i remember out of my head):








I use to check them out every now and then just out of curiosity, and i have never before seen that few MJ's for sale before :dunno:






Or you can get yourself a land/range rover :ack: :yes: :nuts: :rotf:

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