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Selectrac = 242, correct?

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Just want to make sure my terminology is correct. We stopped by a dealership here in Camdenton today, since we'll be buying a newer XJ in the next couple of months.


They have 5 XJs sitting outside, ranging from 1995-2000, all 4.0s, 4 of them automatics.


Two of the autos are advertised with Selec-trac 4wd, but I looked in the windows and they both had 2HI - 4HI - N - 4LO.


Am I wrong or do I need to stop in and correct them?

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For the years you listed, you are correct. For 1984 thru 1986, Selec-Trac referred to an NP 228 or NP229 transfer case. As you know, the 242 should include a 4-Hi Part-time and a 4-Hi Full-time position, so if the selector doesn't have it ... it most likely isn't Selec-Trac.


Easy way to prove it to them should be to just flip down the driver's side sun shade. In the older years Jeep put a sticker on the top of the visor that told what 4WD system was in the vehicle. I know assumptions are dangerous, but I assume that practice continued to the end of the XJ.

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