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A Couple Vac Line Location Questions (with Pics)

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I finally got off my lazy butt and reinstalled my Fuel Rail with the new Fuel Injectors and my nicely cleaned/painted Valve Cover this evening...


It's been apart for a couple months and I now have a couple vacuum line location questions that I can't find where they should be connected...


The first is near the Air box...the vac line is (Red Box) coming from the far drivers side of the main Primary Vacuum Block at the front middle of the bay. There is also a "post" (Blue Box) at the air box that looks like something should be there, but this particular fitting doesn't seem to want to stay there.




The second appears to be coming from the Throttle Body area and leads back towards the back of the block (and YES I realize the vac line is busted at the smaller red box and will need replaced anyhow)




And finally my nice Valve cover paint job, nothing fancy, but it's pretty clean at least...



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The first pic.....it goes on the air box where your blue box is.


Second pic....it goes on the map sensor, right under the black metal shield with the two screws.



Paint job looks great :clapping:


Thx... The connection in the first pic in no way is going to stay put...meaning it appears the end has stretched out or something and barely even makes contact with the post on the airbox. Maybe needs some Duct Tape...

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