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calling Wildman


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No I didn't :(


But If I had seen it, I would have :headpop:


Haven't had too much extra time to spend on C-list.


So.......how did you let this one get away??????? :fs1:


I made the fatal mistake of SLEEPING! I saw it late at night, then checked it in the morning...poof...gone!

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So what happen :dunno:


Did you really see the add or was is a fig-newton of your imagination????? Like you dream it in your sleep........ :teehee:


You don't think it sold that fast do you??? Or did the poster have 2nd thoughts and pulled his own add???(Which I'm thinking) Like who would sell an MJ at 5 in the morning, with out even anyone looking at it :hmm:


Of course I know someone whom buys MJ's over the phone with out looking at them.......but not at 5am......... :roll:

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