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motor swap

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ok i have an 88 mj with a 2.5 tbi

i am looking at a 2.5 out of an 86 xj carberated

question is does the 86 have cps if not are the bolts on the crank off set the same as mine

so will my flywheel bolt to it


You mean as a replacement motor? 86 XJ should be TBI. 84-85 was carbed. The 2.8 in 86 was carbed.


Anywho, I don't know if the carbed 2.5 has a CPS or not. I do know, however, that your current flywheel will bolt right up.

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If it is a carbed motor, it should bolt right in. The CPS mounts in the trans bellhousing, so assuming you don't swap the trans you should be fine. Just swap over all the accesories from your original 2.5 including intake and exhaust manifolds, and you should be fine.


I don't think his concern was the CPS itself, but that the carbed motor's flywheel wouldn't have the magnetic pickups for the CPS, and if his current flywheel would bolt in place of the non-CPS flywheel.

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