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Bumper painting suggestions....INSTALLED!!!

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Brown van santa is bringing me my new winch bumper hopefully tomorrow morning. jamminz.gif I was curious to what the suggested paint or covering is. I have access to a place that powder coats, but then if it scratches off I have issues right? My other choice is the duplicolor or whatever brand o'reillys sells truck bed coating in a spray can. This is what I sprayed my rollbar with and I like the texture and look. Plus this would allow me to make quick touchups when it gets scratched :dunno: . Other question is on bare metal do you recommend some sort of metal etching primer or just basic automotive primer? I have painted things for years without any real consideration to it, but was curious what was the best route since it will be abused and tested.

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Looks good, did you go with the duplicolor?

I usually use that stuff myself. No matter what you use, it will come off when you hit a rock. But at least that stuff is real easy to touch up with. If you just spray it over a gouge, it pretty much levels itself out to blend right in.


PS. Why the extra steering stabilizer/rock magnet?

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Yeah i went with the duplicolor, if for no other reason that it dries so fast. I think I got this thing delivered then quickly cleaned up a few areas with a grinder and had it painted and on in an hour. I have next to no patience. My roll bar has the duplicolor truck bed coating on it, and I carry a can of the paint and when it gets scratched i just throw down another layer. Keep it simple.


The steering stabilizer(s) were added with some other updates after I had a death wobble incident at highway speed. Now I leave it on mainly out of fear. If I am doing any heavy wheeling it comes off pretty easy.

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