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4 cyl / 6cyl swap

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Unbolt the 2.5 frame horns, bolt on the 4.0 frame horns. :thumbsup:



Hahahahaha OK then :nuts:



Ok never heard of this before , but have read about a few people having to do this same thing , I thought you were pulling my leg


Anyone have a little pix / write up of this for visual effect ?

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If you could direct me to a link to a thread on what to do , It would be greatly appretiated


Hopefully somebody that has done it can give you some more specific information, but basically you need to swap over everything from the donor - wiring, linkage, computer, dash, etc. Not only are you going from 4 cylinder to 6 cylinder, but also from AMC to Chrysler.


Is that same XJ donating the engine?


You've got a great group of friends. It's very cool to see all of them helping you. :thumbsup:



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