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yes and yes.

The 207 has straight cut planetary gears in it so it's definitely kind of noisy in low-range.High-range is straight threw 1to1 so you shouldn't hear any appreciable noise from it in 2wd.

The 207 I had was low on oil,after I filled it,it was a little quieter,but still made some noise in low range.

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The low-range ratio in the 207 is a couple of hundredths less than that of the 231. Not a huge difference. IIRC, the 207 low range was 2.61 and the 231 was 2.72. The real difference is that the 231 has better oiling.


As to noise, the pitch on the gears for the 231 changed, which might account for a newer one in a TJ being quieter. A couple of people on NAXJA encountered problems some years ago trying to mix and match input gears between 231 boxes. I can't think of any reason to change the gear pitch without changing the ratio unless they were trying to make it run quieter.

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