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sound deadening:

Sir Sam

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Ok so I figured I would make a thread just for this, otherwise I feel like it would get buried in my westy thread.


So I am using a product called quiet car. Its pricey, but for the amount it covers it is cheaper than dynamat. It's supposed to be quicker to apply than dynamat, and can be used like undercoating too.


Here is the website for anyone curious:



It cost $500 for 10 gallons. The way I am using it that should be enough to coat every non visible surface on a vanagon. I have about 75-80% left of my first 5 gallon container.


So here we go:



This is two coats of quiet car with the sprayer:



This is one coat, you can see where there are areas of white showing through, it looked pretty uniformly covered when wet, but when it dries it turns a darker color that shows where I missed coverage.




Another coat applied:




First coat on the floor:




Third coat applied on rear:



Fourth coat on side panel, 3rd on floor:



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For the same amount of sound deadening it's cheaper I have about 1.5 thickness's worth of dynamat covering so far. For the area I have covered I would have spent $500 on dynamat. I've only used about $125 worth of product so far.


There are other mats that are cheaper than dyna mat, when I looked around a year or so ago this seeme to be the best deal for cost. The only thing that limits it's ability is how thick you put it on.


The other consideration is wieght. For the same amount of coverage. I think this stuff is lighter than dynamat.


Check out the demonstration videos on the webpage, they are quite impressive.

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So someone else was asking about this on another forum, so I went and broke it down:


About 3-4 coats with the sprayer seems to be equivalent to 1 layer of dynamat.


Looking online I found 36 sqft of dynamat for $250.


My floor is 5.25x6.25 = 34.7 sq ft. I covered the floor with 4 layers of this stuff.


It looks like I have used 1/4 of my 10 gallons so far. I think about half that was used on the floor. so (1/8) * $500 = $62.50


So I have done what $250 worth of dynamat would have done for $62.50.



Now the other thing is that dynamat would weigh 16.2 lbs for the amount required to do the floor.


The shipping weight for the 5 gal bucket and the product was 64.3 lbs/29.2 kg. If we divide that by 8 we get about 8. So even including the weight of the bucket, and the weigh of the water that evaporated out of the product the final weight of the applied product is 8lbs.



So, for what would take dynamat $250 & 16 lbs took me $62.50 and 8 lbs.

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Carpet padding and 3M spray adhesive jamminz.gif kinda the redneck way, but it costs next to nothing and it works great! Done it on my MJ, my '02 Toyota Tundra (when I had it, I miss that damn thing) and my '08 Subaru Impreza...HUGE difference. I suppose for those of you in damp/salty areas it would probably collect too much moisture though, increasing the chance for rust. Your Quiet Coat sure does look a lot more professional though :yes: Looks like a good product...but $500 is a little steep :nuts: Let us know how it works!



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Looks like a good product...but $500 is a little steep :nuts: Let us know how it works!




Ok, then how do you feel about the $62.50 number? Thats a bargan basement price, I just bought a lot of this stuff since I plan on doing 2 vehicles.

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