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PLEASE HELP... engine studders

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CPS is the Crank Position Sensor. It's a magnetic pickup bolted to the top of the bellhousing, on the driver's side. It reads teeth on the flywheel so it knows when to tell the coil to fire. If it's dying, it may not read fast enough every time, causing late firing.


It may just need to be cleaned up.


I believe new ones run about $60-$70, but you might be able to find a used one for much cheaper. I believe you can get one from any 86-90 2.5L or 87-90 4.0L

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crank sensor is usually a no start, or stutters then dies w/ a no start for a short time. and it difenatly could be a vacuum leak, especially at low rpms are when they show up, i've never heard of the disconnect using t case vacuum. it usually runs right to a vacuum canister that is supplied by the engine vacuum in my expereince, and if there is an open vacuum line from there it can cause this sort of problem.


if those vacuum lines are just hangin still, to make it simple just plug them all up, and see if it helps.

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It isn't likely, but a Dying CPS can cause those symptoms.


Hm.. I thought the T-case/CAD vacuum was a separate system. I'll have to examine the XJ tomorrow to see what's going on under there.


i could be wrong to, i have been lucky enough to avoid that stupid system most of my life. my jeeps that have it have always worked. but i thought i've heard of people taking it out of play, and leaving a vacuum line open off the engine.

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