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more space under front fender?

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ok, i got my 33s and i need to make some room. i figured take off the front flares get some rear mj flares(have) and work them on to open up some un-needed sheet metal. just wondering what tips you guys have for me. for mounting cutting etc. talk to me like a dummy :D also what do you do when the nuts break off when you try and take the flares off? thanks guys

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Based on your build thread it looks like your using RE 4.5" coils in the front. You don't need to remove your flares to make 33's fit if you don't want to. Just trying to save you a bit of work, but they will fit if you just trim in the correct spots. We're running 33's on my wife's XJ with the RE 3.5" lift (so 1" lower than you are" and have not touched the flares besides cutting them even with the body lines.


We cut the fronts even with the bumper line, than the rear we cut even with the body fold line. We than cut metal out (about 1.5") from that body line down to the rocker mount. We've retained the inner fender liner as well. Here are a few pics to show you with 33" Maxxis Bighorn's with the RE 3.5" Superflex lift.







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