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Steering Column Swap - 90 XJ Limited to 87 MJ Base

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I've researched this on the site, and have not really come up with the info that I am looking for.


Here's the deal:


I inadvertently broke the wiper/signal arm (3 speed wipers) on the steering column (no tilt) of my 87 XJ. Turning the steering wheel from stop to stop emits a squeak. These are two seperate problems I wish to resolve.


What I have to fix it:


I picked up an entire steering column assembly (tilt, cruise, with matching keys) and leather perforated steering wheel, which turns smoothly, from a 1990 XJ Limited.


So the question is:


Will this be a direct fit? Is it plug and play for the accessories (intermittent wipers, signals, hazards, ignition) to work? As it is only 5 or so bolts this should be an easy install, but since some of the features differ, what should I be aware electrically of when tackling this task? Drop the column and compare the connectors?


Thank you in advance for your expertise and replies.

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Yeah, the coulmn will interchange. If you want to have the interval wipers, then you need the little black box that goes in between the plug from the column and the plug heading to the firewall (it is supposed to be stuck on the velcro patch under the kneeboard, but is usually just hanging by the connectors). If you don't use the little box, then simply plug the 2 harness ends together, and the wipers will function as noraml, excpet that you need to turnthe knob past the interval spot for the hi-lo function.

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