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Removing/modifying floor bracing

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Hey guys, it's been forever since I've posted here but I just picked up a really rusty (especially in the floors) 89 Comanche Eliminator. I'm going to start a build thread too so I'll try to keep this one on topic. I'm looking to remove all of the stock bracing that runs forward/backward and the little half pieces that run side to side. For replacement I'm going to use 95+ Cherokee braces so I can use the newer seat brackets as well. Besides adding the new braces and drilling out the probably 50+ spot welds and then plug welding them back to new metal is there anything else I need to do? Has anyone done this in the past? Please help out if you know anything.



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I have not heard of anyone replacing the stock MJ bracing with the new style XJ bracing, but when they made the changes Chrysler claimed that the new Cherokees were "significantly" (I don't remember the exact percentage they claimed) stiffer than the originals, so you may be onto something. I will be interested to see how your job turns out.

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I removed my MJ's floor braces (well, they mostly removed themselves :D )



I cut out a 2001 XJ's floor for the drivers side, and used the brace (set back a little, to move the seat back some).



I don't have any pics loaded up of the drivers side floor installed, you can 'kinda' see it here:


For the passengers side I just used 3 pieces of flat sheetmetal (better solution IM0), and set the 01' brace more, or less in the stock position. (cutout section was to fit a doubler)



If you want to use a late model XJ's molded carpet, you'll want to put the brace more, or less in the stock XJ location.

Only problem is the stock late model XJ's seat position allows less legroom than earlier XJ/MJ's.

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jpnjim you hit the nail right on the head with what I'm thinking. The only way I'm going to diverge from what you did is take the passenger floor bracing out and weld the XJ braces in exactly the spot they were in the XJs. I already have the charcoal carpet out of a 99 that will be cut down and going in. I'm going to go out with a couple fresh drill bits and try to get some more of these spot welds up, I will keep you guys posted on my progress. Thanks!

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Atleast they didn't grind down the welds, so it's easy to see where they are.


They actually make spot weld cutters just for this purpose (looks like a small hole saw), but I just used regular (sharp) drill bits like you are doing.


Dimensionally, the XJ braces fit fine, once the MJ braces were removed, and because I moved the drivers side bracket backwards, but kept the passengers side in it's normal location,

I cut the rug in half where it runs under the console, so I could stagger the drivers side of the rug rearward, and keep the passenger side rug in the original location.


If you have a 34", or greater inseam, I'd think about moving the seat bracket back.

My 98' XJ would be soooooo much more comfortable on long trips if I could just get one more notch out of the seat adjustment, to stretch out now & then.

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