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Thats a very broad question. You will never be able to find all parts for your MJ, new at least. If you do, let us know. It really depends on what you need. Sometimes you can luck out by calling Jeep for OEM parts; although many mj specific body parts are discontinued and sold out. Aftermarket OEM style parts are near impossible, unless its a common mechanical replacement part through a parts house. Some aftermarket custom/mod parts are avail...quardratec is a good source, so is summit racing, ebay and misc others I'm sure will be added to this list. Otherwise, your hitting the junkyards. Learn what is interchangeable between the comanche and cherokee; and what is not. And as many people have said, if you run across an MJ at a salvage yard with good parts BUY THEM even if you don't need them :smart: You will always be able to make your money back, and then some by selling them either on ebay or on this site...some people are willing to pay above average for good stuff (beyond salvage yard value), and they will only appreciate in value as these parts are getting harder to find. Thats my two cents. Good luck.



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Assuming our search feature is actually working again, you should be able to find the posts where people have purchased those items. :thumbsup: ebay comes to mind. If the search function is not working properly, please let me know.

If your truck is stock height, then WJ grand cherokee arms are built better and have a bend in them to better clear tires.


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Is there any where that we could post some of the PDF manuals that people have amassed? I have located and downloaded several from different sources over a period of time for my '87 that have been useful. Especially when determining interchangeability between XJs and MJs when shopping at the bone yard.

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