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new leafsprings

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Depending on what you're looking for, Hellcreek makes them. Here's a quote from when the metric tonners came out:


3+2 (three thin leafs, two thick leafs) newly manufactured Metric Tonne spec leaf spring packs. Three sets available. Contact Tom via email for details --> tlaher@hellcreeksuspensions.com


From Tom: The price for a pair of these springs will be $366.00, plus shipping. The shipping weight of each spring is 61 lbs.


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I would choose the Hell Creek or the Motion off-road leafs. I have the motions and like them.


One word of caution, do not buy the RUSTYS MJ leafs. A number of us here tried them and tossed them a very short time later. Mine snapped right in half!!! Again, everything is outlined in my build thread. Link in my signature.



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