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Console insert

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Cup holder, or beer cooler :D


Never seen a column shift with a center counsel, don't think they even exist :hmm:


But, who saids you can't be creative :brows:


I think I've seen a picture where someone use the space to install a tranny electric shift switches.

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I have been wondering this myself as I search for gray XJ buckets and a console with my column shift MJ.


My plan is to just cover the transmission shift opening with a glossy piece of black plastic. A pod like the '68 Camaros might just fit there too. Could add some gauges, or as 'wildman' suggested maybe the electric gear selectors. Of course, I need to find those buckets and console first.

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There was an XJ on govdeals.com awhile ago that was column shift with buckets... For the life of me now... I can't remember what was inbetween the seats... Could have been nothing, since it was a police package XJ, but might have been center console delete.




Rob L.

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