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guys help please ....wiring

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What do you mean by "running lights"? Are you referring to parking and taillights, or do you have a Canadian truck with daytime running lights?

yeah running lights parking lights 2 don't work taillights only work when i hit the break or turning.

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Try removing your headlight knob switch. Make sure the groung is good right behind it. check the harness that goes into the headlight sitch.

My tail lights were not woking and i found out that evertime i tried to turn on my dome lights my tail lights would not work. Had to remove a fuse and reinstall it to work again. also my gauge lights don't work. Hopeing to replace the headlight switch soon and see if that works.


also a ground behind your driverside tail light. check the harness near rear bumper too.


keep me posted if you fnd the problem.

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:cheers: thanks for help.....i think i found the problem by readying a tip thread ............my Clutch Master Cylinder is leaking down onto my fuse box ....so i bought a new Clutch Master Cylinder for 43.00$ . and I'm going to spray break cleaner on my fuse box and try cleaning the leads out with a tooth brush.............................. and of course unplug my battery :clapping: but if that does not work then i will buy a new headlight switch. but everything was working perfect and it just quit so when i pulled the fuses they had oil on the fuse legs. i don't have much money so I'm starting small and working up./.... :clapping:

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