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Clutch high off floor.

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I have a clutch that has only 10,000 miles on it in my truck. I did not install the clutch or Trans. The clutch disengages just off from the top of the pedal on the truck. The free is normal on it but the disengagement is right below the free play on the pedal. I do 4x4 the truck but I can't see the clutch being worn out after only 10,000 miles. Any ideas on how to fix? I don't think that there is any adjustments with the hydraulic clutch but correct me if I am wrong (I hope I am wrong). Is there an inspection plate that I could pull to check clutch wear?


Also, there could be a very minor clutch fluid leak. I have to fill it up about 1/2" in the reservoir about once every oil change (about from half way from above the min to the max line to the max line). But I don't know if it could be from the slave cyl extending at a more rapid rate than normal that could be causing this?

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There is no adjustment to the hydraulic clutch setup. As far as inspection, the disk is behind the pressure plate, and the only way to check the clutch disk itself, is to remove the presser plate, which involves removing the tranny :headpop:


A old quick trick to see if your clutch is slipping........this would give you an idea on if the disk is in fact worn down........get up and going about 20mph, in 2nd gear, and jump right to 4th gear, if the truck bogged down, or stalls.......you clutch plate is in good shape, if the truck don't, the clutch is slipping and soon to go south.


If the hydraulic system is in good shape........you should not be loosing any fluid at all, oh, maybe a teaspoon a year, check the interior fire wall, above the fuse box, and Hope it's dry. Check the fluid line to see if any fluid is "sweeting" on the steel line, and of course, the slave could be leaking :roll:


The other problem could be the fluid line, if is original, and ..........20 years old, the rubber brakes down over time and swells up, internally, some times you can feel a "bubble" on the line, and this can cause a pressure blockage, as in returning fluid to the master, and cause problems.


If your clutch passes the quick check, I would inspect the master for leaks, and spent the $18 for a new fluid line, and replace that for sure, and then bleed the system.


And as per Eagle's suggestion, use DOT 5 brake fluid for refilling the system.

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