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Bed removal?

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Where can I order the front 4 bed mounts?Actually and rear end parts besides scrap yards not the axle but misc parts.... I checked the local Napa and Jeep/Chrysler dealer (their going out of business part of restructuring) I get a few jeep mags but have never seen this listed. I think I just opened a can of worms removing the bed :wall:

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Hey 87ComancheLB,


This 61 year old resents your comment about your "pretty old neighbor". Most of us "old guys" figured out a couple of years ago how to move heavy things without busting our balls or backs (AGAIN). Use tools! After you unbolt the bed and the gas tank, etc. Lift one side of the bed with a jack and some wood blocks. Put wood blocks on top of the frame and under the bed. Once the bed is above the bolts and the frame - Pass straps under the bed kind of like a come-a-long and lift the bed some more. Pulleys from the rafters will work great!!! Drive the truck out from under the bed. Drop the bed to the floor.


Drop the bed on to a couple of dollies and move it where ever it needs to go.


With the right setup, you could do this by yourself. Otherwise, just get 4 guys and make it easy on everybody. The bed is too bulky, never mind how heavy it is for 2 guys to handle.

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