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Death wobble problems

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I bot a comanche off a guy that did a homeade lift GETTO I NO.

The guy started by adding coil drop collers on top of the coils to lower the coils down. cut the lower control arms in half and legthend them about a 1inch or maybe more. Then I think cut the trac bar and lengthend it as well. WOW

Now i put new steering on it and it help on the wobbles then the trac bar went out so i got a brand new STOCK trac bar and blue it out less then 24hours in the truck on the ROAD. the steering was a little off before the trac bars was replace but not bad.Then i replace the trac bar and now the steering wheel sits a 5 oclock when you steer left it throws you in a death wobble only after 35 :dunno: :dunno: and up even got one at 60 on the highway crazy feeling.

Does any one now what the deal is I think the trac bar it to short but i could be rong what do you guys think.

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