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serp. belt adjustment help 2.5

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Hi guys-


I became a pro at adjusting my serp belt with the PS pump adjuster over time. When I replaced the engine last summer and re-installed the belt, the loosest fitting at the PS pump barely got the belt over the pulleys- it seemed tight. My alternator crapped out a month back and when I replaced it, I saw there were some adjustments to be made at the alternator, but it would only go on in one position, so I left it. I BARELY worked the belt over the ps pump pulley in adjusting it. Any tricks for adjusting at the while the belt is on? I adjust by feel, but it feels tight. I guess if I can work the belt on with the PS pump at the loosest setting, it's probably not too tight. These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night. :dunno:

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When you say the PS pump is at it's loosest adjustment, do you mean the adjuster is bottomed out underneath it or is the pump as close to the engine as you can get it (or both)? Reason is, on my old 2.5 when I changed the belt the first time, I loosened the adjuster until it almost fell out but the pump barely moved.......and the belt was a bear to get on. The pump had "frozen" into position from not having moved in so many years. In trying to get the new belt on, I stood on the driverside and had to force the pump to move closer to the engine to be able to get it on the whole way.


Try this.....loosen all the PS pump bolts and back off the adjuster, then give the pump a good shove. See if it moves any. If you just were barely able to slip the belt on, it may be adjusted to where it needs to be.



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Are you positive that you have the correct belt? I have a 2.5, and the only adjustment that I have ever needed was at the PS pump. With the PS pump adjusted all of the way toward the engine block, the belt should be slack enough to go on without prying. Napa says the correct belt with A/C is NBH 25060820, and without A/C is NBH 25060730.



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Hey Jeff, how are you? Coming up to NJ this summer?


The pump bottoms out when I push it against the engine - clacks against the adjuster at full travel, so it's not stuck. It only has maybe 2-3 inches of travel in total. I've always adjusted it at the pump, so this is weird.



It's the same belt I've used for years, just not a good fit after R&Ring the engine. I noticed that the alt bracket looks like there's room for adjustment. I took the alternator off recently to change it (didn't change it when I did the engine), and tried to adjust it, but it only wanted to go on in one position, and wouldn't fit right unless I put it there.

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