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A/C swap in

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mostly just that you have to pull the dash to get to the heater core and evaporator. i'm not sure if a 92 and an 89 would have the same compressor or not, so the brackets may be different. i've only dealt with up through 1990 so far.

The expansion valves changed in those years,so you can use the 92 evap and expansion valve the lines and compressor will probably be different as will the compressor bracket.Go online to your fav parts store and compare part numbers for the x valve between the years and see if there is a difference. Good Luck

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My Comanche came with no AC, swap in everything from a XJ, but not wired up and charged. (unable to find the harness) I may need to pull the main harness and PCM, well it's on the back burner for now. I have notice some model compressor bolts through the side and other from the top just make sure you get the right bracket for your compressor body style. It's really hot here too in So,Calif sometimes I don't feel like working on the Ole manche.

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Luckily I got my Avalanche with ICE COLD AC to drive around.

RCD 6 inch lift, 35 tires.

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