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Bought a Comanche!


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Hi All,


For those who posted, thanks for the help in my "Need help, Is this MJ worth...?" thread.


I picked up an MJ on the 4th of July. :USAflag:


Bought it from the Original owner for $1000. It is a 1988 Short bed Pioneer 4x2 with the 4.0L and 5-speed. Only 100,292 miles, everything works and the A/C blows COLD. The underbody and frame look no more that 3yrs old, not a spec of rust. The interior, except for the headliner, is mint. Even got the original owners manual and cig lighter. :cheers:


But... the paint is shot and there are surface rust issues (not bubbling paint) on the roof, at the top of the windshield and at back of the cab surrounding the window. The are NO dents or fender or floorpan rust. The original owner took meticulous care of the mechanicals and interior, but ignored the exterior :huh???: It runs so damn nice, but looks like hell...


Pics to follow soon. And anybody got any good paint/body tips? Or any good links in the forum? Thanks :chillin:

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I am doing tons of body work to mine at the moment, this is my first go around with body work all I can say is take your time, when you find rust in one spot check around for more rust, mine had rot under the paint ( the paint was tight and didn't look like it was rotted), I bought a hvlp (high volume low pressure) spray gun, compressor and other odds and ends for a couple hundred and I'm painting it myself to save money.

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