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Fuse Box

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I'm replacing all of the fuses in my 89 MJ, most of them are pretty corroded, some are broken in half, etc. In extracting the old fuses and spraying electrical cleaner a couple of the contacts in the fuse box broke and fell out. So I was thinking I'd attempt to take the fuse box out and do a more thorough inspection. I undid the two screws and pulled on the box a little bit to see how easily it comes out and, it didn't feel very easy. I wasn't sure if all the wires are wired into the back, or if they are wired into a plug that plugs into the box. I'm afraid to pull it out. Any advice on this? Or should I just not touch it? Everything works, or well, did work before 2 halves of the contacts poped out. I know my way around wires and electrical stuff, I just don't want to open up a hornets nest lol.

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On the engine bay side of the fuse box, there is a bolt that connects both haves.


It's right in the center and takes a 1/4" socket to remove the bolt.


Once this bolt is removed, the interior should drop right off.


By chance, do you have an manual transmission???


If you do........the clutch master leaks from the back side, and drips down onto the fuse box and eat the plastic away causing all kinds of shorts and bad connections.

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I do have a manual, and I saw a couple posts mentioning this, is there a fix posted some place?

Yeah -- replace the clutch master cylinder. Use only a genuine Jeep part. And use D.O.T. 5 silicone brake fluid in the clutch -- it isn't corrosive like regular brake/clutch fluids are.

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The easiest way to repair - replace the fuse box is to replace the dash harness, including the fuse box.


I know this sounds overwhelming, but once you remove the dash, all of the interior harness is mounted/clipped to the back side of the dash. Theres been numerous topics on removing the dash, step by step.


Your donor could be from a '87 - '90 MJ or XJ. The XJ will give you a slight problem with the rear harness (tail lights - fuel pump harness) which will need to be spliced in. Other wise, every thing else is plug and play. The best donor would be from an automatic, less of a chance that the fuse box suffered damage like your did.


Unless you really want a challenge, you could just replace the plastic fuse box itself, by removing each wire clip and inserting it into a newer fuse box, providing that the wire clips are not corroded.

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