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Electric Fan on 2.5 MJ

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I want to put a electric fan on my MJ. What is a good donor car to steal one from. I can wire it all in and make it work. Just need to know what is the best to get it from, and will it actually help or will it just be a waste of time. My truck runs cool now. I'm just looking for a little more gas mileage and I figure an electric fan can't hurt. :hmm:

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i have an 88 2.5

i havn't found one to fit yet

the only one i found are aftermarket low profile fans

havn't tryed them yet tho

remember my radiator does not go inside the core suport



Mines an 88 :wall:

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I installed A universal 15" Flex-a-Lite as a pusher , With thier thermo-coupler reostat switch . I have set for 195 w/a direct over-ride on-off switch for back up . It works very well for those long hill pulls ......You don't want to run " too cool" if gas milage is a concern , the Renix system needs to sense 190 or higher to operate correctly (mpg ). This dual system keeps the temp. very consistant and my fuel milage has gone from 21.5 to 24 combined city/hwy :thumbsup:

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