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engine problem

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I am in the process of rebuilding my comanche, I got it for free and it hasn't moved or ran for about 3 years, I got it all running and have driven it quite a lot offroad, I just recently changed the oil/filter, spark plugs, most of the fluids other than coolant, I have also put in new sunpro gauges. I did all this in one day and the next time I took it out it seemed like it was overheating. The only gauge I don't have hooked up and working properly is a temperature gauge so I'm not sure if this is even the case yet. But it starts up and runs fine for about 20 minutes then it will bog down whenever I give it gas, I can sit there and let it idle all day and it idles perfect, just everytime I give it gas is when it will start to act up. If I let it sit for 10-15 minutes and try it again it will do it all over again (run perfect for about 20 minutes then act up). I figured it was overheating because when I had it shut off for a little while it ran fine again. So I took it back home, drained all the coolant and put new coolant in, took it out the next day and this still didn't fix the problem. After talking with a couple people they told me to check all the electrical connections and one thing I did notice was when I put the oil pressure gauge in I took out the oil temp warning light sending unit to take the place of the oil pressure fitting, would this have anything to do with it overheating, I have not done anything different to the truck other then the things listed above so I'm not sure why it started doing this all of a sudden

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Are you 100% sure that you got the right spark plugs? Did you check the gap to ensure it was proper?


Check your fuel pressure.


It might be helpful if we knew exactly what you are working on; engine size, year, etc.. ;)

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sorry, it is an 89, 4.0, 4wd, and no I am not sure that they are the right spark plugs, I just told autozone what year, make, model and they handed me what I figured was right. As of today it seemed to be acting up a lot quicker (more like 5-10 minutes). It is weird because if it is in park or neutral it runs/idles perfect, come to think of it I am pretty sure I can hold it to the floor and very little spitting and sputtering, (will confirm this tomorrow), but once I put any type of load on it, even just putting it in gear it starts acting up

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