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Rear lift shackles, drivability

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Two weeks ago I put on a set of beefy Rocky Road 1" lift shackles on. Now, during regular driving, the rear end feels far looser than what was previously experienced while any load is in the bed.


During installation I reused the original leaf spring bushings that have been on the vehicle for 20+ years. Everything fit all nice and snug with one exception. The RR shackles are 1/4" wider than the leaf spring with bushings. I believe this is causing the rear to feel loose, as the original bushings are moderately squishy.


So, with the combination of squishy bushings and the gap, what is the best course of action to tighten up the handling? Install spacers between the leaf and the shackle, or install poly leaf spring bushings?


I trust I am not the only individual who has experienced a similar situation with aftermarket lift shackle such as this.



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I don't have any personal experience with this, but it sounds like you have it figured out with the 1/4 inch gap. That is probably allowing the spring to move back and forth.

Agreed, these shackles are obviously not correct for this application. I would return them and buy the correct shackles. your bushings will not survive nearly as long with the extra movement. as you said, they are 20 years + old. Maybe its time to swap these out as well.


If the replacement is not an option, some good grade 8 washers can be added between the bushing and the shackle to take up the space. But its likely you will not completely eliminate the sloppy feeling.



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