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Engine cuts off on longer runs

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First off I wanna say I love this place! Up until now, I have found an answer to every problem I have had on here. This time time I can't seem to find it.


I've got an 89 4WD 4.0. It does fine around town but on longer drives (10-15 minutes) it idles down and shuts off when you come to a stop. When you go to start it back up it's kinda hard to start and theres a strong smell of gas like its getting flooded. After talking to a mechanic buddy of mine over the phone, we kinda thought it was the IAC. I replaced it since it was a fairly inexpensive and easy replacement but after the test drive this morning, it didn't work. From the other topics I've looked at I was thinking either EGR or TPS but I don't get why it would do fine driving around town and not on longer drives. Opinions? Suggestions? :help:

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