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Anyone follow NHRA???


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I love watching the drag races whenever they are on. Team Force has me pulling for them every weekend! And Ashley is HOTTTT!!!! Some of you may know that at the track they are running right now, last year a driver, Scott Kalitta, was killed when his car blew up right at the finish line and apparently knocked him out, at which point his car was flying full speed to the end of the track, into a concrete barrier set marking a turn-around. His car hit the barrier and immeadiatly blew to a million peices. The track they are at, Englishtown, NJ in my opinion, is too old and too short to run the top fuel cars as they are today. As a result, the NHRA shortened the top fuel car runs to 1000 ft, instead of the original 1320 ft 1/4 mile. This track is still too short for any of these runs. Even just yesterday, a pro stock motorcycle coulldnt slow down in time and went to the end and into a giant net they had set up since last year. If this track doesnt have enough runoff for them, how can it be any good for the top fuel cars? The NHRA needs to stop running at these antiquated tracks like Englishtown, or force the track to build a proper runnoff. Making them run 1000 ft is just a bandaid. And now they are testing smaller engines and other restrictions to try to get them to run 1/4 again. The cars arent the problem, its the old crappy tracks. What do you think?

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