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Stock Guage Cluster issue

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Ok gotta little issue and I though I fixed it but I guess I didn't. In my '88 MJ the stock guages keep having an issue. Every now and again the electrical guages will all die along with the idiot lights on the sides, the only thing that will work is the spedo (I know its cable driven). The lights in the cluster will work, but I rewired them to a switched power source b/c the light switch wouldn't switch them on and off anymore, b/c of some issue and it wasn't in the switch. Anyways, the guages being hit/miss basicly would be triggered but either a big bump/the park brake being let off fast/slamming the drivers door. I've been thinking that there must be some ground down near the kick panel or besides the park brake but that wiring is almost to the point of calling it a rats nest. Anyways I've cleaned all the conections that plug into the cluster it's self with no help. So if anyone has any ideas or info let me know. The guages pretty much quit yesterday but like I said I think it's just a connection, but I just want my guages back :( .


-Thanks Guys, Cody

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Mine does that sometimes, In mine the fuse box is a little corroded and if you wiggle the fuses, or the fuse for the cluster to make it make contact again, that might fix it for you. Just happened to my wife the other day too, and I told her over the phone how to fix it to make it work again. When that fuse isnt making contact the alternator won't charge either because it doesnt have its idiot light power.

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