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A few questions about rear SOA, Front options etc.

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I've had several XJ's and my current '00 has a 3 1/2 inch RE lift on it. New leaf packs, fixed lower control arms and adjustable trac arm. The 3 1/2 lift netted approximately 4" in the front (with 2 stock insulators) and just over 4 1/2" in the back , after everything had settled in. Apparently anything over 2" of lift calls for a SYE, which I installed, right after the lift. I later added an ARB bumper, which squatted the front down, but with a 2" block and 1 stock insulator I got it back close to where it was.


I'm kind of new to the MJ's, so I been reading up in the past forum posts on the lift subject. Now I'm sitting here blurry eyed and I think I have more questions now than when I started.


I plan for this to be my DD, right now my XJ is. The amount of lift the XJ currently has makes for decent enough ride, So I'd like to stay within an inch or so of that height. The MJ will see mostly road miles with some trips to Uwharrie and the beach. Tires are most likely going be 265/75R16's (not quite 32 inches tall) My tentative plans/expectations are:


1. Achieve 4-5 inches of lift. I'd like to have a little rake in the rear, because I'd like to tow my ATV trailer without the nose pointing in the air.

2. Run my ARB bumper with a winch, and not have to use those cursed poly spacers to achieve the above mentioned lift.

3. Rehome my '99 HP D30 and '00 8.25, both with 3.55's (hopefully to be changed outif needed at a later date).

4. Adjustable Trac bar, ZJ tie rods and sway bar.

5. 95 Dakota rear brake line and YJ front lines.


Now for the questions:


1. Realistically, how much lift you guys seen out of the SOA?

2. I've read that you guys purcahsed new perches for the SOA. Are these what you are refering to?

http://rustysoffroad.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=RC-LSP1&Category_Code=LEAF I believe I might have even read that this might be available at the dealer?

3. If the rear ends up with 5", what would you guys recommend as far as front mods? Would I need both upper and lower control arms? Would they both need to be adjustable or just the uppers or just the lowers?

4. If adjustable control arms are needed, would a control arm relocation bracket be necessary?

5. No need for a SYE? How much longer will the stock driveshaft need to be? Can the stock be run, in moderation, until a new one can be installed?

6. Shocks, I'm running RE's cheapo repainted Doetschs and I'm not overjoyed with them. What's your suggestions on a decent shock for my planned application?


I appreciate your comments and suggestions,



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First off, your better off buying a complete kit with everything you need. Like the RE 5.5 kit...


BUT, to answer your questions by the numbers...


1) Depending on your axle tube dia. and final perch height, 5-6"

2) I like the factory Cryco 8.25 perches.

3) Complete new steering system, the factory one is useless above 4". Good HD track bar with HD brackets. I like the KEVINS TB. YES adj arms are necessary. YES drop bracketry is also. (OR long arms would be even better.)

4) Already answered, YES go with the drop brackets OR a long arm set up.

5) Not necessary. But the strength it affords is never a bad idea. the length is depending on your final lift and axle you will use.

6) BILSTIEN, BILSTIEN, BILSTIEN!! Did I mention Bilstein make a great shock?


Am I experiencing DEJa VU.. wasn't this very thing asked just a couple days ago???



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I got my SOA perches from Ruffstuff Specialties. 8.5" long. IIRC, with those perches, D35 and stock leafs it will lift 5.5" above current height. Thickness of spring pack, height of perch and diamer of axle tube all affect this. With a D44 you still get about 5.5", as the tube diameter is pretty close to a 35. With a 8.25 or 8.8 you'd get about 6" as they use 3" tubes.


If you'd match this with 4.5" up front, you'd have a pretty good rake, assuming you were level before.


265/75R16 is about a 32x10.50 tire, which should fit up front with 4.5" lift and some playing with adjustable control arms.

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Since I'm addicted to posting pics of my truck, here is the latest. SOA in the rear using 7" long spring perches from M.O.R.E. (mountain offroad), new shock mount tabs from MORE, stock 4WD leaf packs, and a Chrysler 8.25". In the front, I'm running used springs that I think give me about 4.5". I've got a slight rake which I love.






I have 3:55s with 31" M/Ts. Its ok, but higher gears would be better.


I really like the way it looks with the 31s, but 32s and maybe 33s would easily fit.


The guys already gave you some great advice. I'll emphasis that longer than stock spring perches are a good idea to help avoid axle wrap. I also agree that adjustable uppers and lowers are needed - and since it will be a DD, get Rough Country or Rubicon Express drop brakcets - it will GREATLY improve your ride.


Purchasing a full (and good quality) kit is probobly the best way to go. You can achieve the same thing by being patient and watching the classified ads for used parts - it will be a lot cheaper - but you can also run into problems with used parts. All depends on your budget.


Good luck and post lots of pics!!!!

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:hijack: Not to interject here, but the fixed flex arms that come with the RE kits are longer, correct? I have the lowers, and would like to keep them when I get the 5.5 done. PN is the same for the 3.5 lift arms as the 5.5 arms on RE's site.


Rob L.

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First off, your better off buying a complete kit with everything you need. Like the RE 5.5 kit...


...Am I experiencing DEJa VU.. wasn't this very thing asked just a couple days ago???




I like the RE kit I have now and the RE 5.5 is one of first choices, budget premitting. What happens at work for the next couple of months will determine that.


Deja vu? No probably not. Can I use 'being new' as an excuse?

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