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Help with Water Problem!

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Hey guys, I have an 88 comanche with the 2.5 in it and it normally runs like a champ, but every once in a while if it is Very humid out/rain Very hard she won't start, :fs1: it just cranks and cranks like it's not getting a spark or something. :wall: Any ideas what it could be? :dunno: It happened this morning, first time in a while, and it is raining hard right now, but once it is done raining I am going to dig into it and hopefully get it fixed. :hmm:

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Replacing it may not solve the problem...it is not really a factor of "new" or "old" in some cases.


You probably would not want to seal the dist cap to the distributor, but you can test my theory by picking up a can of what is commonly called Contact cleaner at the auto parts store. This displaces water and evaporates (it usually contains a lot of ether). Next time the truck does this, pull the dist cap and give it a liberal dose...if it is condensation inside the cap it will be removed and the truck should start right up.

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haha, if there is an arc and any contact cleaner in that cap. i wanna see that. sounds like moisture in the cap. they have a vent don't they? make sure the hose or breather is proper.

I agree, contact cleaner fumes and an arc :eek: I'd use WD40, that's what it was originaly used for, (W)ater (D)isplacement. :smart:

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