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Things for a 4.0 swap?

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I'm looking to acquire a '91+ 4.0L, trans, ECU, trans controller, and all that jazz for an engine swap on a non-Jeep vehicle :razz: The acquisition point will, of course, be at my local U-Pull-It. My lil Comanche buddy is a TBI 2.5L, so I'm not all too familiar with the 4.0L set-up.

Is the ECU located under the hood in an easily accesible spot like I think it is?

Where is the trans controller?

Outside of the ignition switch, should there be any wiring that goes into the interior that I need? Here, I was thinking ignition switch, possibly fuse block, gauge cluster.

Any other suggestions? I've done swaps with carbed engines, but this'll be my first fuel infected.

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On the 91 and 92 MJ (and 91+ XJ) the ECU is on the inside of the driver's side fender, next to the airbox. I believe the transmission controller is still under the dashboard on the passenger side, like on the Renix years, but I'm not certain on that.


Since this is going into a non-Jeep vehicle, it's impossible to know what wiring you'll need. Best suggestion, IMHO, would be to take the entire harness, and then use the parts you need.

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Does the ECU have controls for things outside of the motor? I suppose I'm looking to run the Jeep ECU as a standalone ECU for the motor. The vehicle under the knife is pre-computer days. Lots of vacuum controls though :ack:

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