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best 40 bucks i've spent in a while.......


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i was checking out craigslist this morning and found a canoe listed. the add posted just minutes before i went on, otherwise i'm sure it would've been gone. it's an older fiberglass that the owner had backed a trailer into, making a large "dent". i didn't know that fiberglass could dent like this, but it did. so i decided i'd make the guy an offer and see what happens. i'm not afraid of a little fixing. i asked the guy what his bottom price was and he just gave me a dumb look. i couldn't get an idea out of him so i said i'd give him $40 for it (as a joke). he thought a second and said ok.


what??!! is this guy serious? a 16' canoe for 40 bucks!!! i couldn't get it on top of my truck fast enough thinking he'd come to his senses. so i took it out to the club and set it there until i have time to work on it. from what i can tell, i'll need to put new foam in the end (stern) to push the fiberglass back out and put a little resin in a couple spots. i think i'm going to take the opportunity to do some modifying that i've always wanted to do for a more custom rig. i'll use it for some general canoeing, fly fishing, and hunting. the majority of the time i'll have a dog or 2 in it so i want to try a few things to add stability to it.


then when i'm done, i'll put a fresh coat of camo tan paint on it (red doesn't work so well for hunting). i can't believe i actually got this deal. what a day. :banana:

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