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so the mj works great as a truck and tractor


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i was trying to get some stuff done at the club this week. the tractor is out getting breaks on it so i haven't been able to do much the last couple weeks. we had an event today that allowed the general public onto the grounds too see dog demonstrations and have a bbq lunch. i wanted the grounds looking their best. well i just decided to make the mighty mj take the place of the tractor. cool! :banana:


so i used it to pull a tine harrow and drag on the main grounds roads to get them in good shape. i spent about 2 hours working on that. the mj seat is much more comfortable than the tractor seat and having the stereo instead of mp3 was great. i couldn't beleive how well it worked. i just popped it in 4 lo and in lo on the auto. it kept the rpm's about perfect and didn't bog the engine or cause tranny shifting. it really worked great. so i went yesterday and used the same set up (minus the drag) to go over some of the grass to dethatch it. the tractor should be back in the next week or so, but i'm not sure i need it if i can run a pto in the mj. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:


again, i should've gotten pic's, but didn't. :wall:

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:offtopic: but what kind of dogs?




well the club grounds are the retriever club. any member can use it regardless of dog breed, but it's centered around retrievers. i'm also a member of navhda, a club for versatile hunting breeds that point and do water work. we do not have official club grounds for navhda. chances are that when i say i did something "at" the club grounds it's at the retriever club. we have a total of 180 acres and 6 ponds. i take care of it mostly.


right now my dogs are:


abby-11month old german wirehair pointer

jake-6 year old chocolate lab

kayla-15 year old german wirehair pointer

shiloh-5 year old german shorthair pointer

mandy-2 year old cocker

hannah-1 year old black lab cross


today i get to take the mj for a little road trip (about 1 hour) to check out some grounds for navhda grounds to hold a june test at. i need to make sure the water and field will be ok for testing dogs since our original spot is underwater still.


off for a roadtrip. :D

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