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Dash Guage Cluster- 1986 MJ fit a 1992 cherokee wiring harne

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Hello all, first post. New to me Comanche and really enjoying it.


I just got back from pick a part and located a cherokee that had door parts I needed. Needless to say I was getting everything and picked up a instrument panel that had guages for oil, water, RPM!s and a couple others. I chopped the wiring harness cable (incase it needed to be rewired a bit) with the cluster, but was unsure if it would work. So here is the question... Will the 1992 Cherokee instrument panel work with a 1986 Comanche?



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Nope. They work on completely different systems. You'll need one from an 84-90 XJ or 86-90 MJ. 84-86 are direct swaps, 87-90 will take a bit of swapping the speedo cable retention clips or something like that.

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agree with Pete.


also, you really need one from the same year, same engine in order for the gauges to work properly.


otherwise, if you get one w/ a different engine or 87-90, you will have to adjust the tachometer pulse. that isn't hard...you just need to unscrew/screw in an adjustment screw inside the cluster on the tach gear. it's tedious though...requiring that you install and remove the assembly several times before it's correct.

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