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Good Junk Yards near Western North Carolina???

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wuz-up my Cakalacky neighbor.. I havent been up your way looking for JY's,, but I know a few in SC with some good deals. I'd like to think if you went to a few ol' timers part places like a NApA, or Car quest they would know all the folks with yards.. Another thing I do is just take around 2 hours and kinda explore the back roads and look; stop by stores that'll have garden tools out in front for sell and ask them of they know of any junk yards near by.. I mean you are in North Carolina, a smile goes a LONG way around here. I'm pretty sure theres a few places up your way being ALOT of Jeeps are bought, sold, and traded in Hendersonville..

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I'm in Hendersonville too and have been looking for good junkyards since I moved here. The best I've been able to do so far is Pull A part in charlotte. It's a pretty good U pull it but I don't go very often because it's 2 hrs each way. I only found one place that will let you walk around in Asheville, Spartanburg/Greenville. It's called Charlie's scrap metal but the catch is they're only open M-F 9-5, which does me very little good. I'd love to find somewhere that's fairly close by and it open at least 8-12 on Sat.

If you're hurting for parts Gosnell's is just off exit 53 on I-26 but everything is $$$$$$ there.

If you find any good U pull it's closer than Charlotte PM me. It stinks not being able to run out and grab some piddly little piece you need.

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