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I bought this TC back in Jan. Finally got around to trying to install it. When I bought the TC I wasn't aware about input spline counts. Thanks to this forum I'm now aware that I now have a TC that doesn't fit. :wall:

My choices to fix this problem are, buy another TC, or change input gears on the one I got.

I chose to do the later. So when I split the case this is what I found



I took apart the rest of the TC apart to get the input gear out, and try to find what and where these parts belong

Think they go here, I'm pretty sure I only need one of these springs.



Made sure there is one of them in there when I put the little metal piece back where it belongs.

How about this



Do I need a new chain and do I have to change sprockets on it like I have to do on my bike ? :dunno:

Anyway, here's my input gear



I think it is a short length narrow bearing, late gear cut ? As defined by this tag ?



Does this tag mean the TC was made in 1996 ?

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Yes, it's a '96 case which means late gear cut.


You are correct in the location of the metal spring you found.


Pushing on the chain is no indication of wear as the mainshaft and front output shaft simply move toward each other as you push on the chain, since the rear of each shaft is not supported.


Did the case come with a little fluid in it? What did the fluid look like?


Be sure to check the condition of the plastic pads on both shift forks, they commonly wear.


I will respond to your PM ref. parts.

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