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Rear Lift

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Hey "manchers"

I'm about to lift the truck in the front and i been thinking about lifting it on the rear so my question is :


can i weld new bases for the leafs in the diff with an arch welder???

or do i have to use tig weld???


or... its better to change the diff for an XJ one? :???:

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I take it you mean you're going SOA? How much lift are you wanting?


I don't know how you weld the new perches on, but regardless of what axle you use you'll have to do it. An XJ axle will not be a direct bolt on. The distance between the perches for an XJ and MJ are different.


What axle do you have? If you are doing SOA, I would recommend finding a stronger axle if you've got a Dana 35.

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SOA in the rear will lift you about 5.5" higher than you currently are. Exact number depends on what perches you use and what axle you have. If you want to know what rear axle you have, post a picture of the cover and we can tell you.


My perches were welded on professionally, and he used an arc welder. All I know is you're welding 1/4" steel to 1/4" steel, so you need a lot of amps to get good penetration. Arc might be the only realistic choice. I have seen someone MIG weld to an axle housing before, but they used an acetylene torch to preheat the housing before welding.


There are 4.5" lift leaf springs out there for ~$350-$400 new.

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