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My first MJ 10th Jeep. Gotta luv it!

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I have owned 9 Jeep before. 2 YJs, 1 ZJ, 6 XJs. I think I got bit by a Jeep bug early in life. I do love those XJs too. Can't beat them hard enough. I have had 2 Dakota V8s, 1 5speed 4wd 150k miles only ever needed a clutch and 2 freeze plugs. Awsome truck. Traded it for a Dakota quad cab 5.9L with a 5.9L auto POS 46RE that went out before 60k miles. UGH!!!! Too bad chrysler didn't pull their head out and build a 4 door cherokee Pickup from the factory with a 4.0L. They never wouldv'e/should've needed a Liberty then either. This is my first MJ Comanche. Picked it up for $600. It is a 1987 MJ 4wd 4.0L, 5 speed, with 231 TC, No AC no frills except tilt wheel. Oh yeah It has 261k miles, still running awsome!



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It has a small area of body damage and rust in the bed. Most of front light wiring was gone or missing?? from PO body damage and afro repairs. Already replaced both window regs and upgraded to vent windows. Picked up 97 XJ doors, Haven't decided yet if I am gonna put windows in old doors or replace doors?? I don't weld and not sure how to do newer striker plate?? There is a reinforcement in old door prohibiting newer window fitment. I may remove reinforcement/window run. Will won't newer weather strip work? IDK/ Find out soon though.

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I got just a few plans for it :wrench:


2001 front header, chrome grill, and fenders.

Stock Chrome bumpers and door handles.

97-2001 Windows or doors??

97-04 Dakota split bench with console and cupholders.

Re-wire Battery cables to 2 or 4 ga custom cables. XJ, MJ, ZJ much needed upgrade.

Front reciever hitch for recovery point/multi mount and flat tow set up + frame rails less likely to crack.

either an S-10 or Ranger stepside, but a Jeep Decal to throw everyone off the sent. LOL.

2" Hitch, nothin too bulky, just for recovery point / multi mount winch.

New paint; Have yet to decide on color, either 2001 XJ Gunmetal or 2002+ Jeep Atlantic Blue pearl coat??

What color do y'all think?

91+ 4.0L heater control and Jegs/Summit Open Loop cooling system. I have air bubles! :fs1:

3.5" Redneck lift for now. It'll be my daily driver for now.

Already picked up some TJ Rubi Moabs and 245/75R16 "31' " MTRs with 25% tread.

Drive it 'til wheels fall off. Fix it and drive it some more.

Rebuild and Bore / Stroke motor when it goes. Proly around 300k - 500k like most 4.0L.

Re gear to 4.10 or 4.56 gear eventually.

Upgrade to + 1993 Clutch when it leaks next time.

Update Trans to a NV3500.

Upgrade clutch at this time too.

Whenever Slave leaks, clutch, or trans goes out. PO just replaced Slave cylinder, but not clutch?? not sure why?


Also gonna upgrade column and locks to 1994 model and have them keyed to match my 1997 XJ.


I have a pretty big list and a limited budget. I want to build a BadAzz and reliable / MJ that I can take camping or ?? Always looking for a deal for my new / old project. After all it's not a Jeep if it's all built and done? What would I do with my time then?? LOL.


After I find another Automatic Red Mj for the wife I'll proly lift mine more RE 5.5" lift?? 35's and hers up 3.5". She don't mind Jeep hand me downs. As long as it looks cool!

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nice jeep man i got a few opinions and answers for ya :

1 paint it red

2check under carpet check cab corners and bed if you live where stuff rusts

3 mjs killed clutch slave cyliners alot.


have fun and out lots of pics up and if your new to the club welcome.

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Nah, she'll get her own red one later. If I paint is red, My wife may want it. Except she doesn't drive stick, I know, it's a shame. But I do really like driving my own vehicle and she can't the old spousal I'm out of gas, I'll just take your car trick.


I am in Sacramento, little to no rust. Only rust is where there was body damage and dents were banged out, but no piant repair?? Go figure. It made it through 1/2 it's life in colorado with no rust till Cali??


I am going to update Trans to NV3500, clutch, and newer external slave all once any of these items fail next time any of them go.

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So I have most of the items I need collected for my Manche.


I have 1997 Cherokee Doors, gonna gut 1 piece windows, mirrors, door panels to install on my doors.


Finally found a good front grill header, fenders off a 2000 XJ, flares are off and cut clean so I'll cut the rear OE flares to match?? or may still do stepside??

From the same 2000 XJ I have the dashboard assm, and I.P. cluster.

also have a 1989 Dash in grey ( maybe EZer install) because of wiring.

97 Dakota 40/20/40 front seat with cupholders and console.

Found some good TJ Rubi 31" MTRs.

3.5" RE / Tereflex lift kit.


Still need:

Need to find a usable Headliner to recover / use.

Also need either a 1994-2001 XJ steering column.


Still gotta figure out wiring, for 2000 XJ dash, IP cluster, HVAC, and 2000 electric speedo??

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