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found a 92 MJ for sale near me (in GA)

Pete M

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And I think I'm going to pass on it. :( It's a painful decision for sure. I sooooo wanted it to be as perfect as my 90 shell, but the floors are starting to bubble up rust (carpet pad is soaked). Can't say for sure how bad it is since I could only pull up the corner of the carpet (didn't have the proper tools to dig further). I think I'm going to tell the guy that if no one else wants it I'll still pay scrap value to keep it from, uh, scrap. The body is solid. Just a damaged spot under one of the taillights. The engine is removed (2.5L) and it's 2wd so the only real value is a solid body (except for the floors). Oh, and it needs a serious scrubbing to get the mildew off. What is with this state and the mildew?


Anyone want to save it? It's in Loganville, GA. Guy's asking like 4 or 5 hundred for it.

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