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Front axle......

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Okay, we all know that the D-44 or the 8.8 ford explorer axle's are great mods But

which axle do you all recommend for a good FRONT axle upgrade?

:idea: :wall: :dunno: :wall: :idea:


Sorry, new guy here. I have a 95 Grand Cherokee and am looking to lift it so this friend of

mine say's he has a 86 COMANCHE in his back yard that he will (almost) give me.

he says it needs a clutch and he was just to lazy to put one in so he parked it

it has the V-6 with a standard trans (don't know if it has a 4 speed or 5 speed)

if i can get this and get it running I will have a cool toy and not have to make the grand grow

until I can get all the parts together


Great site by the way, I have already acquired tons of ( useless ) info and don't even have the MJ yet

:dunno: :wavey: :dunno:

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D30's are a good front axle...they can handle 35's with no problem...just upgrade the u-joints in the front to the bigger ones and call it good :cheers:



Unless you are going with a BIG lift and BIG tires, which iis not likely on a Grand, then you should be fine with what you have. The D30 is a much better axle than a lot of people give it credit for.

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