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How to Replace Coil Springs

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What are you replacing them with? Just new stock style springs or lift? If lift...how much?


The actual replacing of the springs is not terribly difficult if you have the needed tools & equipment but what exactly you are doing is really need to know to give proper guidance. :cheers:

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Basically remove the front shocks, jack up the front of the truck, put the FRAME on jack stands, drop the axle down, remove the bottom spring retainers, remove the bump stops, and pop the springs out.


How far the truck has to be lifted depends on how tall the old and new springs are. If they are lift springs you may have to disconnect the passenger side upper control arm and the track bar to allow the axle to drop far enough. If they are 6.5" lift springs you may have to disconnect all 4 upper and lower control arms.


Pipe wrench may be needed for the bump stops. A good half inch drive socket set (metric) with 2 breaker bars, a set of standard depth sockets and a set of deep well sockets will be needed if the lower control arms are to be removed as those bolts are tight. Spec is 131 foot pounds. For the spring retainer either a 12 or 13mm (can't remember which, I believe 12) wrench or socket (3/8" drive will do). Top of shocks most likely takes 9/16" wrench, bottom can be left alone.


And most importantly a can of PB Blaster.

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