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Wiring issues galor!!!! Help, Please.

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I've bought and sold this truck 4 times. I know, I know. I should've kept it to begin with and I wouldn't have these problems. LOL. Well, I'm trying to get it going again and i'm running into alot of spliced wires and none of them seem to be going where they're supposed to go. I'm afraid the computer is shot but I'm not sure.

Every schematic I get shows something different as far as where certain wires go. My biggest problem is the two wires that come from the middle plug on the ignition coil. One is supposed to go to the computer, the orange wire, but it's been spliced into a black and red one...etc. I'm confused.

Can anyone post a picture of this spot on a 1989 2.5 or similar? It's on the passenger side under the hood , i'm sure you already knew that....sorry, i'm just going crazy here.

Or does anyone know where I can get a used wiring harnes to replace the whole thing at a reasonable price?

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I got a computer that worked a year ago when pulled if you need one. PM me if you want it and we can work out the price. Anyway about the wires Painless will make you one but you can probably find cheaper ones then that.



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